Class 3/4 R at Barlow Hall

Welcome to the wonderful world of Year 3/4

Running Club


Running Club starts Monday 26th September. If you would like to join, see Mrs Leah!

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History Day


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Family Fun Day


Kick Rounders, making goo, juggling, skipping, dancing, mad science, times tables bingo, mask making and much more! We all had a GREAT day!

Thanks families for coming along to our fun day,

Miss Roberts 🙂

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I really want people from now on to park away from school so that no one gets injured.


From Azza.

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Parking Protest


Show us that you care by parking elsewhere. At the end of each school day the road outside school is very dangerous due to inconsiderate parking. Don’t park on the yellow zig zag lines. Don’t park over the area the lollipop gentleman uses and don’t park across people’s driveways. A big thank you from the children and staff at Barlow Hall Primary School.

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Super Thinking Pirate Day


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the poor pirates


while  the  pirates    were   floating  on   there   ship  ,   there    suddenly  came   a   massive   crash   and    evry  single   one   told    the   terrible   captain.  And  what   they   saw   was    a    ginormess   creatur,  they   had   no   idea  what   to   do.  After   two  or   three  minuets    they   looked   at  him   back   again   and   strait  away    he    gobbeld   them.


After  1000000   years.

Oh  no   the   captain  spoke   we   should   of   been   brave    and    killed   that   creatur   what   were   stuck  in.    I’ve   got  it  why   don’t  we    pirates  each   get  one   of    the    wooden   pieces   from  that   ship     and    try   to   kill  him   .    Thats  a   great     idea   Captain  beardy.  the  others  called  of   to   him.  After    there    huge   job   they   had   to    do  there  out   of  the   creatur   and    back  in   there   safe   home  ,   trying  to   find   tresur  that  they   want.


By  Azza.34r

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The Pirates who don’t do anything


Captain Blackbeard, Pirate One Eye, Pirate Emerald, Pirate Stripes and Pirate Spot.  These are the  Pirates who don’t do anything.

‘I, I Cap’n’, said One Eye. By the way One Eye is the newest member of our Pirate team, if you were wondering.

‘Load up the ship, we are going on a long journey’ shouted Captain Blackbeard

‘Where are we going?’ said Pirate Stripes with excitement in his voice.

‘Just you wait and see me laddie’ Captain Blackbeard whispered.

The Pirate Crew got on the ship they started to set sail.

4 days later…

‘We have arrived on Mud Island’ shouted Captain Blackbeard to the Pirates.

‘You don’t need to shout, we’re standing right next to you’, the crew said like a chorus

‘Get 91 bombs, put them in here.  Put the map inside this and put the flag up, do you get it?’

‘Yeah, clear as mud’ (ha ha ha) laughed Pirate Spot

‘Not funny. Now get on with it’ growled the Captain.

Pirate Emerald you need to dig up the sand and find the treasure, said Captin Blackbeard

‘Has everybody got a job?’

‘No’, shouted Pirate Stripes

‘Forget digging, I think we’ll stumble across the treasure’, said Captain Blackbeard  sounding not too sure.

Let’s take a stroll and see what we find.

‘Arrrr shiver me timbers’, shouted Pirate Spot.

‘What is it?’ said Pirate One Eye

‘I need the toilet’ he said.

Blow Me Down, Is that a Dead Man’s Chest I see in the distance…

Roshay Coley


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i love very love school becose i love nmrsee in r boox from Rand

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The Pirates


As the sun set Captain Red Beard  sailed on his shinney, golden, spick and span ship. Suddenly, Captain Red Beard heard a nosie “YES YES” ! SHOUTED! a pirate but Captain Red Beard did not have a clue who was making all of the noise. But then Captain Red Beard heard “I FOUND A MAP”SHOUTED! a pirate then Captain Red Beard knew who it was, it was Captain Hook his long time menance. He had managed to sneak onto the ship and stolen Captain Red Beard treasure map, unkown to Captain Hook the map was false and ended up in a trapped cave with a massive bear.

Capatain Red Beard pretended that he did not hear Captain Hook shouting. He allowed Captain Hook to jump of the ship and swim back  to his  own ship because it wasn’t very far. Capatain Red Beard laugh and smiled and whisperd ” that will teach him a lesson”.

by: Aysha Marshall 34ar

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