Class 3/4 R at Barlow Hall

Welcome to the wonderful world of Year 3/4

The Pirates who don’t do anything


Captain Blackbeard, Pirate One Eye, Pirate Emerald, Pirate Stripes and Pirate Spot.  These are the  Pirates who don’t do anything.

‘I, I Cap’n’, said One Eye. By the way One Eye is the newest member of our Pirate team, if you were wondering.

‘Load up the ship, we are going on a long journey’ shouted Captain Blackbeard

‘Where are we going?’ said Pirate Stripes with excitement in his voice.

‘Just you wait and see me laddie’ Captain Blackbeard whispered.

The Pirate Crew got on the ship they started to set sail.

4 days later…

‘We have arrived on Mud Island’ shouted Captain Blackbeard to the Pirates.

‘You don’t need to shout, we’re standing right next to you’, the crew said like a chorus

‘Get 91 bombs, put them in here.  Put the map inside this and put the flag up, do you get it?’

‘Yeah, clear as mud’ (ha ha ha) laughed Pirate Spot

‘Not funny. Now get on with it’ growled the Captain.

Pirate Emerald you need to dig up the sand and find the treasure, said Captin Blackbeard

‘Has everybody got a job?’

‘No’, shouted Pirate Stripes

‘Forget digging, I think we’ll stumble across the treasure’, said Captain Blackbeard  sounding not too sure.

Let’s take a stroll and see what we find.

‘Arrrr shiver me timbers’, shouted Pirate Spot.

‘What is it?’ said Pirate One Eye

‘I need the toilet’ he said.

Blow Me Down, Is that a Dead Man’s Chest I see in the distance…

Roshay Coley


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“The Pirates who don’t do anything”

  1. July 14th, 2011 at 6:24 pm       34r Says:

    WOW i like it form Rand

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