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Welcome to the wonderful world of Year 3/4

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I really want people from now on to park away from school so that no one gets injured.   From Azza.

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the poor pirates


while  the  pirates    were   floating  on   there   ship  ,   there    suddenly  came   a   massive   crash   and    evry  single   one   told    the   terrible   captain.  And  what   they   saw   was    a    ginormess   creatur,  they   had   no   idea  what   to   do.  After   two  or   three  minuets    they   looked   at  him   back   again   and   strait  away    he    gobbeld   them.   After  […]

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The Pirates who don’t do anything


Captain Blackbeard, Pirate One Eye, Pirate Emerald, Pirate Stripes and Pirate Spot.  These are the  Pirates who don’t do anything. ‘I, I Cap’n’, said One Eye. By the way One Eye is the newest member of our Pirate team, if you were wondering. ‘Load up the ship, we are going on a long journey’ shouted […]

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i love very love school becose i love nmrsee in r boox from Rand

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The Pirates


As the sun set Captain Red Beard  sailed on his shinney, golden, spick and span ship. Suddenly, Captain Red Beard heard a nosie “YES YES” ! SHOUTED! a pirate but Captain Red Beard did not have a clue who was making all of the noise. But then Captain Red Beard heard “I FOUND A MAP”SHOUTED! […]

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holiday over


Yes tomorow is school and my birth day yes so happy birth day to me for tomorow YES YES YES! By Reema

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On a very hot day a pirate called red beard and his crew set off on a treasure hunt. On the way they met a man that was lost at sea so red beard asked him “how did you get lost at sea?”so the man replied “I was fishing when a big wave came crashing down […]

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Aysha and Akielah home work question.


What is the most popular place in England? I will give you somthing on the first day at school by a Aysha and Akielah xxx

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Sarah in Saudi


hi everybody sarah is in saudi sarah misses year 34ar love from sarah  🙂

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Azza’s Question.


hello today I have got you a question to answer. what is mean and is a human that swims underwater. It begins with G. the first person to answer it will win.  I  hope  everybody dosn’t get stuck . from   Azza.

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