Class 3/4 R at Barlow Hall

Welcome to the wonderful world of Year 3/4

holiday over


Yes tomorow is school and my birth day yes so happy birth day to me for tomorow YES YES YES! By Reema

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On a very hot day a pirate called red beard and his crew set off on a treasure hunt. On the way they met a man that was lost at sea so red beard asked him “how did you get lost at sea?”so the man replied “I was fishing when a big wave came crashing down and my daughter was lost, but thankfuly she was washed up on a Island called lagoon Island It was terrible and now I’m floating on a Peace of my boat that was broke off by the wave”.So they let the man come on the treasure hunt with them so off they went getting closer and closer to the island , but they saw a little girl in the distance,when they got there they found out that the little girl they saw was the mans daughter the man told red beard her name was sally.sally was starving  so red beard gave her some fish that he brought for the  journey so they sat down and had some lunch.

After that they set off on the treasure hunt they went past a coconut tree,a banana tree with monkeys playing on it including a blue berry bush then they came to a stop all off a sudden right in the middle of the island was the X with the map in red beards hand it didn’t look like the middle of the island but they still dug then they hit a big treasure chest so red beard and some of the men from red beards crew pulled it up opened and…                                                                        

There was a lot of gold in the treasure chest and they headed n


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Holiday Homework Me Hearties


impressive pirate shipphoto © 2009 Torley | more info (via: Wylio)

Ahoy there me hearties!
Captain Blackbeard ‘ere.
‘Ere is a picture of me beautiful pirate ship. I be wantin’ you to write 2 parrrragraphs (or more) about an epic sea adventurrrre that I encounterrred when I sailed the Slugworth Seas. Use your imaginations me hearties.
Me favourrrite 3 will get to take somethin’ from me treasure chest!
Eitherrr comment on this post to write your homeworrrk or write it on a new post of your own. Don’t make me make you walk the plank!
Arrr tis a task I know you can do well at me hearties. I be looking forward to readin’ your work.
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Apple Store trip at the Trafford Centre


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A few small steps…


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Aysha and Akielah home work question.


What is the most popular place in England? I will give you somthing on the first day at school by a Aysha and Akielah xxx

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Children should be seen and not heard.


What was school like 100 years ago? on PhotoPeach

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Some pictures from Miss Roche.


John Ryland’s Art Exhibition. on PhotoPeach

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What has everyone been doing with their holidays?


Hi class,

I hope you’ve all been having a great Easter break. I’ve been enjoying the sunshine, having bbq’s and I loved watching the Royal Wedding yesterday.

Tell me what have you been doing with your time?

See you on Tuesday,

Miss Roberts 🙂

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Sarah in Saudi


hi everybody sarah is in saudi sarah misses year 34ar love from sarah  🙂

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